Monday, October 19, 2015

The "fun bio" as a way to introduce oneself to a group

A few weeks ago, I encountered this request on joining a group I stumbled upon through the Rhizomatic Learning Network:

Introduce yourself by creating a "fun bio," the opposite in tone and content to the one you would put on a job application or post to your professional website. I found the assignment fascinating, and came up with a basic draft in a matter of moments. I've editing a bit, and added a tagline that was not at all part of the original inspiration, and I'm quite pleased with the result:

  • I grew up with Red Diaper Rash, the uncomfortable friction generated by rubbing Too Much Personal Freedom against 1950's Anti-Communist Hysteria. It took the Summer of Love to begin to soothe the itches, followed by a Decade of Communal Living, which rendered me Unsuitable for the Real World. After a Lost Decade as a Successful Traveling Salesman, a Decade of Re-Discovery becoming a Constructionist Classroom Teacher, and a Detour Decade as a Digital Storytelling Evangelist, I'm now coming into my Real Identity as a Teaching Artist, creating Collaborative String Game Stories as a Fun Path to Brain Balance and World Peace. May all  learn to be Even-Handed and Open-Hearted, with strings or without.

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